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Mastering the art of full-arch consultations and sales isn't just a skill, it's a game-changer for your practice. This comprehensive course is your key to unlocking unparalleled success in closing full-arch cases.

I started watching and listening to the videos for the full arch sales academy over the weekend and I was actually blown away by them. It has already given me a much a greater understanding of the process of getting a patient off their couch and into any treatment, not just full arch cases. It stresses the point that as a doctor, it is our role to present all options and to just honestly tell the patient the prognoses and what we’ve seen our patients experience over time, so I love that. But understanding the role of the person that will be closing the cases gives me a much greater respect for that process and I really appreciate that. Highly recommend! 

– Current Participant


Meet Your Teacher

Stacy Farley

Lead Financial Director, New Day Smile Dental Group

Stacy Farley, an impassioned advocate for revolutionizing dental practices, leads the Full Arch Sales Academy with an unwavering commitment to transformation. Over the past 6 years, her career highlights include:

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Catalyst for Change

Recognizing the immense potential within dental practices nationwide, Stacy Farley identified a common stumbling block: the lack of adequate sales training among staff members. This revelation led her to develop the Full Arch Sales Academy, a master course meticulously crafted to revolutionize the sales cycle for full-arch cases.

Unlocking Potential through Training

Stacy’s vision is simple yet powerful: empower New Patient Specialists to adeptly handle lead calls, equip doctors with the tools to present clinical options effectively, and elevate the conversion rates of treatment coordinators and sales representatives. Through comprehensive training encompassing the complete sales cycle, she firmly believes that any practice can double, if not exceed, their monthly case closures.

Envisioning Success

For Stacy’s practice, this training regimen has translated into an impressive 50-70 arches per month, achieved with a mere 5% allocation of the practice’s revenue towards marketing. She envisions a similar transformation for your practice, not merely in thousands but in millions of additional revenue. It all commences within the transformative training offered by the Full Arch Sales Academy.

Join the Revolution

Inside this master course, Stacy invites you to embrace a new era for your practice. Implement the insights, strategies, and comprehensive training available, and witness the potential to double the number of cases closed each month. Your journey to unparalleled success in full-arch sales begins here.

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